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First Alert provide high quality, tailored and customer focused security solutions across the UK. From quick to deploy key holding, alarm response units to efficient mobile security patrols and professional security guards, you can rest assured the service you receive is always fully licensed, completely transparent and cost effective.

The experienced management team at First Alert Security Systems Ltd have worked across various sectors in the security industry, through various roles, for some of the largest professional security organisations in the United Kingdom.

Why should you consider employing a company to perform key holding and alarm response duties?

With more focus on safeguarding employees after the introduction of the corporate manslaughter act 2007 it is becoming increasingly difficult to justify placing the responsibility of Key Holding with staff.

There is always an element of risk involved with attending alarm calls. Even when the alarm is false, the potential for employees to injure themselves still exists. Alternatively there may be a problem with the alarm system that requires the attendee to remain on site affecting their ability to work efficiently the following day.

For systems with police cover, Key Holders are expected to be able to attend the property within 20 minutes of the alarm being activated. For those without police cover, the risk of loss and potential subsequent impact on your business is much greater if a Key Holder can not attend as soon as possible.

Couple these facts with the continual streamlining of operations by Alarm Receiving Centres struggling to cope with ever increasing alarm traffic (some centres will only attempt to contact Key Holders for just over an hour) it makes sense to employ a company trained to handle these situations.

From a financial viewpoint, by utilising a security company to carry out Key Holding duties, you may see a reduction in your insurance premiums – potentially enough to cover the cost of the service.

The purpose behind our key Holding services

Responding to your alarm activation is the reason we hold the keys to your property and the two services work hand in hand to ensure that your business is protected at all times.

Responding to your alarm activations 24/7
Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, all year round, we will respond to the alarm being activated at your property. We can also respond to your fire alarm being activated if you have problems with false activations and want to avoid costly penalties for the fire brigade attending unnecessarily.

Peace of mind all year round
No matter what the cause of the activation, First Alert can resolve it, in accordance with your instructions for the various scenarios that we may find upon arrival at your site.

Thorough site inspection and incident investigation
Using the information provided by your alarm system we thoroughly check the site to ascertain the reason the alarm was activated, which isn’t always obvious at first. In the event of an apparent false alarm, we will reset the system, check that it doesn’t re-activate within a short period of time and secure the premises. All without disturbing you the client.

Full incident reporting
A full report can either be left on site or delivered to your email in-box the following morning, depending upon your instructions to us. We will ensure that every avenue is explored to try and resolve the problem and everything that we did will be reported to you as if you yourself had attended the incident.

Mobile Security Patrols by First Alert Security Systems

The First Alert mobile security patrol service, designed to comply with British Standards BS7499 and BS7984, provides a cost effective alternative to manned guarding. Uniformed patrol officers attend site in clearly marked vehicles to act as a visual deterrent and ensure all is in order.

Timing of mobile security patrol visits are varied between the hours stipulated by the client. Attending officers are trained to spot potential problems quickly and will deal with all situations according to the instructions you provide. If no definitive guidance for a developing situation has been given, our officers liaise with senior management to resolve the issue to the most suitable outcome.

Alternatively, upon special request unmarked vehicles can be deployed to monitor premises and situations covertly.

Mobile security patrol officers have direct communications with our management team at all times and their safety is of paramount importance. Using the latest technology to keep in contact with our staff, monitor their location and provide support in the event of an incident. We are happy to provide our clients with access to the same security system to provide total transparency with the service that we provide.

Professional Security Guards with a Professional Security Company

There are certain situations where a physical, human presence is a necessity. Manual operations have to be performed, situations monitored and access controlled. Security Guards/Security Officers provide what is also known as a manned guarding service.

We provide Professional Security Guards throughout the UK to match your security requirements. Our Security Guards generally tend to live locally to the areas in which they work, thus harbouring important local knowledge and helping to strengthen our belief in supporting the local economy. This also helps to ensure that we can provide the most flexible of approaches with the ability to provide cover at short notice and available for any length of contract.

We also believe this allows us to keep our prices competitive.

All Security guards employed by First Alert are expertly trained and follow our core principles, allowing them to handle a variety of different roles including front of house duties and plant and machinery protection.

Our Security Guards can quickly learn and retain knowledge regarding usage of your in-house systems such as CCTV, ensuring they will integrate seamlessly into your existing setup.

The manned guarding team can undertake, amongst other responsibilities:

  • Front of house duties
  • Industrial/commercial coverage
  • Vehicle escort services
  • Access control/gatehouse duties
  • Residential area security
  • Enhanced security clearance for educational establishments

All our Security Guards are screened and vetted to the latest industry standard requirement of BS7858, qualified and experienced. They are calm under pressure, adapt to ever changing situations quickly and diffuse tensions using tact and diplomacy.


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